Published on June 17, 2024
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Bob & Garzón: Contra la Corriente de Basura (Against the current of garbage)
  • Education

Bob & Garzón, Contra la Corriente de Basura is a wonderful book that has a very special and necessary purpose for Panama: to raise awareness among the population about the problem of pollution of rivers and seas and to provide information on how to mitigate it through collective actions.

It is a beautifully illustrated 48-page book that tells the story of the characters BoB and Garzón who fight to prevent waste and plastic from reaching our mangroves and seas. BoB is a small floating barrier that was installed as an experiment in the Matías Hernández River and Garzón is a Panamanian heron, BoB’s faithful companion, who flies up and down the river and tells BoB everything he sees.

The book is on sale to raise awareness of BoB’s beautiful history and to support a campaign to donate books to official schools in the communities of the Juan Díaz River Watershed. For every book sold, Marea Verde will donate a book to official schools in the area. Currently, the books can be purchased through @mareaverdepanama on Instagram, Marea Verde Panama on Twitter and Facebook, or through